French And Italian | Frontiers & Exile in Contemporary Italian Literature
M605 | 2587 | Ciccarelli

This class focuses on works written in Italian but that cannot be
classified as part of Italian literature according to the traditional
national canon. In particular, we will read works which deal with
multicultural experiences, in and outside Italy. The goal of the class
is that of reflecting upon literary categories that do not apply
anymore (or have never applied) to specific sections of Italian
literature that are better understood if de-nationalized and
envisioned in a multicultural and multilingual context. Is it topics
or language that assimilate to a specific tradition? Does an Algerian
author who writes in Italian belong to a specific literary tradition?
Is an Italian poet who writes in Italian but lives abroad an Italian
author? Is a Swiss Italian writer Swiss or Italian? or neither? We
will study works that question the traditional lines of the Italian
canon and suggest that rather than speaking of Italian literature, we
should begin speaking of literature written in Italian.