Germanic Languages | Intro to German Literature-Types
G305 | 2792-2793 | Prof. Wailes

G305	Introduction to German Literature: Types (3 cr.) 		 	
Course description (Bulletin, COAS): Study of literary types
(narrative, dramatic, lyric), with examples of each selected from two
or more periods.
Prerequisite: Germanic Studies G300 with a minimum grade of C-.
Recommended: G330.
Course goals: By reading examples of narrative, lyric, and dramatic
literature in German, we will reach a better understanding of the
characteristics of these main types. Although the emphasis will lie on
literature of the twentieth century, texts from earlier periods will
show how the principles and practices of literary expression have
changed over time. Part of each class will be spent on language study,
to secure full understanding at the literal level, and German will be
used for discussions as far as possible to increase students' fluency.

Requirements and grading. Careful preparation for each class, and
active participation in it, is the foundation of the course. The grade
assigned for this daily work will count 30% of the final grade.
Each Friday there will be a quiz on the week's work; the quiz average
(two low grades dropped) will also count 30%. Hence the grading
emphasis is on steady, careful work throughout the semester, rather
than on one or two big events.  There will be two hour tests;
averaged, they will count 20%, as will the final exam.
Required books. A course reader to be purchased at Collegiate Copies,
1514 East Third Street; and Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Der Besuch der alten
Dame, ed. Ackermann (Houghton Mifflin).