Germanic Languages | Deutsche Landeskunde
G362 | 2797 | Prof. Holschuh

G362	Deutsche Landeskunde (3 cr.)			

Prerequisite: G300 with a minimum grade of C-. Recommended: G330. An
introduction to contemporary German civilization.  Political,
economic, and social organization.  Historical background of current
cultural and national identity.  Presentations, readings, discussions,
and examinations partly in German, partly in English.  Three essay
examinations; frequent very short quizzes.  Asynchronous discussion
via computer, with at least weekly participation by all.

	Texts:  Eva Kolinsky and Wilfried van der Will, eds.: Modern
German Culture
	        Renate Luscher: Deutschland nach der Wende:
Aktualisierte Fassung 1999/2000
		A course reader to be available from Mr. Copy.