Germanic Languages | Colloquium: Images, Voices and Medieval Texts
G825 | 2829 | Prof. Mertens

G825:  Images, Voices and Medieval Texts

This course will investigate the interrelations of written texts with
the visual and the acoustic medium. We will study a selection of
illustrated texts from philosophy (Hildegard of Bingen) to narrative
(Song of Roland; Hartmann of Aue, Iwein, Gottfried of Strassburg,
Tristan), and religious and secular poetry (Hildegard of Bingen,
Troubadours/Trouvères/Minnesinger, Martin Luther). Different types of
interrelations between text and image (illustration vs. parallel
"visual" narrative), and the importance of the voice for medieval
poetry will be considered, as well as modes and methods of
performance. We will read the texts (in English translations), study
images and listen to music (or even try to perform it ourselves). The
theoretical ground will be laid by discussing (modern) critical and
theoretical texts.
Requirements: Oral reports and a substantial seminar paper on a topic
of the student's choice.
Texts include: Hildegard of Bingen, Scivias and Songs; The Song of
Roland; Chrétien de Troyes, Yvain; Hartmann von Aue, Iwein; Gottfried
von Strassburg, Tristan; French and German Love poetry; Martin Luther,