Germanic Languages | Dutch Reading, Comprehension, Conversation I
N200 | 2779 | staff

N200 	Dutch Reading, Composition, and Conversation I (3 cr.)
Prerequisite: N150 or permission of instructor. This course is a
continuation of N100 and N150. There will be a review and continuation
of grammar with short weekly quizzes. Major attention will be paid to
improving reading, speaking, and writing skills. We will improve these
skills by concentrating on different texts: short stories, detectives,
World War II, literature written by woman.  Grading: As conversation
is stressed, class participation is important. In order to achieve the
maximum enthusiasm in the class discussions, students will be invited
to bring up topics of their interest. There will be short weekly
quizzes that cover grammar, and a one to two page paper on text
materials we discuss in class. Each student will be required to give a
presentation in class on a Dutch contemporary novel to be chosen from
a list in the first half of the semester, and will be asked to write a
final paper at the end of the semester. Extra curricular activities:
weekly coffee hour, monthly film, Dutch traditional events, guest
lectures, special project workgroup on advanced level.