Spanish & Portuguese | Introduction to Hispanic Culture
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S275 Introduction to Hispanic Culture (3 credits)
P: S250 or equivalent.

This course serves as a bridge between the S200 and S300 levels and is
designed to increase proficiency in Spanish in the four skills areas
(listening, reading, writing, and speaking) through reading, writing, and
discussion of Hispanic culture.  S275 also serves to review and expand upon
all Spanish grammar elements studied at the 100 through 200 levels.  A
variety of texts, conversational materials, and audiovisuals are used in the
course.  The format of the course includes a discussion of readings and
assigned topics, focused writing, and the writing of compositions.
Evaluation is based on quizzes, tests, compositions, homework,
participation, and oral presentations. This course is required for minors
and majors unless the student tested into the 300 level. Course conducted in
Spanish.  See Schedule of Classes for section numbers, times, days, and

NOTE: Students who test out or place above S275 will need to replace its 3
credits with an extra course at the S300 or S400 level.