Spanish & Portuguese | Survey of Spanish Literature I
S407 | 4267 | Catherine Larson

S407 Survey of Spanish Literature I (3 credits)     LITERATURE
Prerequisites: S331 and S332

A survey of Spanish literature from the Middle Ages through the
seventeenth century.  The list of required readings will include the
"Poema de Mio Cid", "La Celestina", "El casamiento engañoso", "El
retablo de las maravillas", "Fuenteovejuna", "La vida es sueño",
selections from the "Romancero" and poetry by Garcilaso, Góngora,
Lope, and Quevedo.

Grades will be based on 2 examinations (midterm and final–25% and 25%,
respectively), class participation (20%), and two short papers (15%@).

The course will be conducted in Spanish.

S407    #4267     1:00P-2:15P   MW    BH011    Prof. Catherine Larson