Spanish & Portuguese | Modern Spanish Prose Fiction
S419 | 4269 | Maryellen Bieder

S419 Modern Spanish Prose Fiction   (3 credits)      LITERATURE
Prerequisite: S331 and S332

In this course we will read 20th-century novels by male and female
Spanish authors from Miguel de Unamuno to contemporary writers.  The
focus will be on narrative technique, social problems, and the
cultural construction of gender.  If possible, we will also see a few
recent Spanish films.

The key component of the course is daily class discussion of various
aspects of each novel.  Three short papers (3-4 pages) and one longer
paper (5-7 pages) will complement the oral analysis of the texts.
There will also be a midterm and a final exam.  The course is taught
in Spanish; Spanish is the language of class discussion and of all
written work.

S419   #4269    4:00P-5:15P    TR    BH011   Prof. Maryellen Bieder