Spanish & Portuguese | Hispanic Literature and Literary Theory
S473 | 4274 | Kathleen Myers

S473 Hispanic Literature and Literary Theory (3 cr.) LITERATURE
P: S331 and S332 or equivalent

This course will begin with a brief overview of the theoretical
approaches used by contemporary literary critics (structuralism, new
criticism, deconstruction, feminism, postmodernism, genre theory,
cultural studies, etc.).  We will then work more closely with several
theories  in particular, cultural studies, gender studies, and genre
theory.  We will apply these theories to a handful of primary texts
that span the Atlantic (Spain and Latin American) and cover two
literary periods (early modern period and the twentieth century).

S473   #4274   2:30P-3:45P    TR    BH135   Prof. Kathleen Myers

NOTE: Students wishing to receive credit for honors work must register
for this course under the rubric of READINGS FOR HONORS, S498, section