Spanish & Portuguese | Methods of Teaching College Spanish
S517 | 4281 | K. Geeslin

Professor Kimberly Geeslin

MW 1:00pm - 2:15pm/section #4281/3cr./Ballantine Hall 344

	This course on communicative language teaching provides an
introduction to the body of research available on second language
acquisition and foreign language pedagogy.  A variety of theoretical
approaches to communicative and task-based language instruction will
be explored in order to provide students with the necessary
background to make informed classroom decisions and to establish a
firm pedagogical foundation for future professional development.
Among the topics studied are the role of grammar instruction in the
acquisition process, the effects of input and output on foreign
language development and the development of communicative competence
in the Spanish classroom.  Time will also be devoted to the
discussion of recent language learning issues such as the
incorporation of technology into the classroom, the use of portfolios
for student evaluation and the inclusion of heritage speakers of
Spanish in the foreign language classroom.

	Students are responsible for independent preparation of
research articles and textbook materials and will be expected to
engage in active discussion of these materials during class.
Students will be evaluated based on participation, presentations of
relevant research, two partial exams, three short essays, and a
semester length individual project.

In addition to the coursepack of research articles, the
following textbooks are required:

      Lee, J. & VanPatten, B. (1995).  Making Communicative Language
Teaching Happen.  New York:  McGraw-Hill, Inc.
      Lee, J. (2000).  Tasks and Communicating in Language
Classrooms. New York:  McGraw-Hill, Inc.