Spanish & Portuguese | Early Spanish Literature I
S521 | 9070 | Juan Carlos Conde

S521 Early Spanish Literature I (3 credits)

The course is a survey of Spanish Medieval Literature, from the first
texts to the mid-XIV century. Work in class is focused mainly on two
aims: first, the reading and analysis of the texts in their historical
and social contexts; second, the analysis of the texts in their
literary, generic, and rhetorical traditions. The final purpose is to
build up the main lines of what can be called the literacy system of
Spanish medieval literature.

Texts studied and discussed will be (not necessarily a closed list):
-Poema de mio Cid
-Berceo, Milagros
-Other lyric poems
-Alfonso X, Historical and scientific works
-Don Juan Manuel, Conde Lucanor
-Juan Ruiz, Libro de buen amor

Lectures will alternate with seminar-type classes.  In-depth reading
and class discussion of each work and familiarization with the basic
bibliography of Spanish medieval literature constitute the core of
this course.  Students will write an annotated bibliography (15
articles) or a research paper (10-12 pp., in Spanish, typed, double
spaced).  The topic will be chosen as early as possible in the
semester, in consultation with the professor.  Two written
examinations. Active participation in class discussion is encouraged,
and will be taken into account.

S521 will be taught in Spanish.

S521 #9070 1:00P-2:15P  TR  BH245  Prof. Juan Carlos Conde