Spanish & Portuguese | Topics in Spanish Medieval Literature
S610 | 4283 | O. Impey

Professor Olga Impey

MTWR 4:00pm - 5:150pm/section #4283/3cr./Ballantine Hall 149

Topics in Spanish Medieval Literature
Topic: Introduction to Spanish Paleography

This course is designed to introduce students in Linguistics and
Literatures, in History and Latin American Studies, to a variety of
Spanish manuscripts (literary texts, legal documents, royal decrees,
bond and tariff letters, etc. from Spain and Latin America), ranging
from the thirteenth to the seventeenth century.

Through manuscript reading students will be able to familiarize
themselves with the most important forms of Spanish script: "letra
gótica," "minúscula diplomática," "cortesana," "humanística,"

The manuscripts to be read and transcribed include folios from
the historical and scientific works of Alfonso X ("Libro de buen
amor," "Cancionero de Baena," "Libro do los gatos," "Libro de las
mercedes," etc.) and from several collections of decrees and letters.
Linguistic, literary, and cultural commentaries will accompany the
reading of each manuscript.

The main objective of the course is to give students a sound
preparation in Spanish paleography so that they will be able to
initiate and continue research in Spanish and Spanish-American
archives, research that eventually might lead to the editing of
unpublished manuscripts.

The course grade will be based on the completion of home
assignments, class participation, one exam, and one paper consisting
of manuscript transcription and editing.