B200 | 2939 | Diehl

2:30-3:45P     TR     FA015

This course will explore the historical background of Nazi Germany and
the myths and realities of Hitler's Third Reich.  Topics will include
the impact of World War I on German society, the rise of the National
socialist movement, the Nazi seizure of power, the structure and
nature of the Hitlerian state, everyday life in the Third Reich, Nazi
foreign policy and the Second World War, the Holocaust, and the
historical legacy of the Third Reich.

Texts used in the course will include, Jackson J. Spielvogel, Hitler
and Nazi Germany (3rd ed.); William S. Allen, The Nazi Seizure of
Power: The Experience of a Single German Town; Benjamin Sax/Dieter
Kuntz, Inside Hitler's Germany; Ian Kershaw, The Hitler Myth, and
Christopher Browning, Ordinary Men.

The grade in the course will be based on an in-class midterm and
final, and two short papers/take home exams.