B300 | 2940 | Nordohl

4:00-6:00P     M     LH019

Topic:  Paradoxes of Diversity and Integration
Above section meets with WEUR W405,W605 & HIST T500

The goal of the course is to give perspectives on and an understanding
of how consensus can be reached in societies characterized by varying
degrees of homogeneity and diversity.  A secondary goal is to
stimulate and encourage a more active and participatory role by the
students in the democratic processes of their everyday lives.  The
objectives of the course will be met through a series of lectures
where the construction of the Swedish welfare state will be discussed.
Throughout the course comparisons will be made to the North American
experience as well as to the other Nordic countries.  An important
aspect of these comparisons will be to include the knowledge and
experience of the students themselves.

Each student will be required to write a 15-20-page paper, whose
format will be expected to follow publication standards.  Students are
also required to prepare a 20-minute presentation of their papers.
Topics for the individual papers will be developed in consultation
with the professor.