E104 | 0140 | Cohen

10:10-11:00A     MW     BH310

This is an introductory course for freshmen and sophomores only, with
no prerequisites, intended to give the student a good knowledge of the
historical origins of contemporary problems.  It will consider the
rise of the state, the competition for state power, the evolution from
the emergence of a single superpower, to balance of terror, and the
origins, evolution and fate of major forms of political institutions
and ideologies (democracy, liberalism, fascism and communism) in the
twentieth century.  The course will trace the rise and fall of
imperialism and consider the crises of decolonization with specific
attention to South Africa, the Indian subcontinent, and Southeast
Asia.  It will examine nationalism in the Middle East and national and
ethnic minorities in Northern Ireland and Quebec.  Finally, the course
will deal with the crises of modernization in Africa and Latin
America, the history of world population, and ecological crises in
rich and poor nations.