E536 | 2975 | Hanson

1:00-2:15P     MW     WH106

Above section meets with HIST E336

This course introduces graduate students to East African history and
its historical literature.  The course meets simultaneously with E336
(an undergraduate course), covers the same topics but with a separate
course-reading list, and includes additional sessions devoted to the

Course requirements: graduate students attend E336 lectures and the
extra E536 sessions, read a total of 12 books in East African history
(four in common with the other graduate students and eight additional
books), and write two review essays (10-12 typed pages each).  Course
grades are assigned on the basis of the two essays.

The four common readings are:
Geiger, TANU Women: Gender and Culture in the Making of Tanzania
Horton and Middleton, The Swahili: The Social Landscape of a
Mercantile Society
Larson, History and Memory in the Age of Enslavement: Becoming Merina
in Highland Madagascar, 1770-1822
Spear, Mountain Farmers: Moral Economies of Land and Agricultural
Development in Arusha & Meru

Additional readings include:
Bravman, Making Ethnic Ways: Communities and Their Transformation in
Taita, Kenya 1800-1950
Cooper, Plantation Slavery on the East African Coast
Feierman, Pleasant Intellectuals
Feierman and Janzen, eds. Social Basis of Health and Healing in Africa
Glassman, Feasts and Riot: Revelry and Rebellion on the Swahili Coast,
Presley, Kikuyu Women, The Mau Mau and Social Change in Kenya
Schoenbrun, A Green Place, A Good Place
Spear and Kimambo, eds. East African Expressions of Christianity
Spear and Waller, eds. Being Maasai: Ethnicity and Identity in East
White, Comforts of Home: Prostitution in Colonial Nairobi