G357 | 2952 | Keirstead

4:00-5:15P     TR     BH147

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This course will offer a sampling of Japanese history from earliest
times until about 1650.  We'll pay particular attention to the
flourishing aristocratic culture of ancient Japan, to the social,
political, and economic ferment of the medieval period, and to the
crystallization of an urban, samurai-centered polity in the sixteenth
and seventeenth centuries.  And since history is not simply a record
of what happened in the past, but the interpretation of past events
and processes, we will also examine how Japan has been viewed by
historians-to discover how historical understanding of Japan has
changed and why.  The course format will include lectures and
discussions; there will be at least one film showing.  Requirements:
three short papers (6-8 pages) and a take-home final exam.