G383 | 2954 | Struve

11:15A-12:30P     TR     BH217

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This course will examine the most important developments in Chinese
history from the Sung dynasty (10th-12th centuries) through the middle
Ch'ing dynasty (18th century).  Prominent topics will be the
transition from medieval-aristocratic to more fluid socio-economic
conditions, the economic and technical "revolutions" of Sung times,
the rise of Neo-Confucianism, the culture of the literati, challenges
to Chinese civilization posed by Mongol and Manchu rule, patterns of
governance, and the consequences of accelerating population growth.
Grades will be based on classroom participation, two midterm
examinations, and a final.  Required texts: F.W. Mote, Imperial China,
900-1800, and Cyril Birch, ed. Anthology of Chinese Literature, Vols.