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Above section carries culture studies credit

The Middle Ages ended a long time ago, and although some of our
institutions (like the university) had their origins in that period,
the lives of people in Europe during the Middle Ages were fairly
different from us in many ways. Still, when we study the Middle Ages,
we can come to understand the variety of the human experience.

Because the period we know as the Middle Ages lasted so long (a
thousand years!) and because Europe is a large place, our foray into
the Middle Ages will emphasize certain themes to help us pull it all

1) Europe's connections with its neighbors
2) How the resources available to medieval people influenced their
political, social, and cultural organization
3) The relationship between secular and ecclesiastical people and

Sounds dry, huh? Not at all! The Middle Ages is a fascinating period
and we'll talk about knights and kings and ladies and chivalry and all
the other things you think of when you think about the Middle Ages as
well as many things you don't think of (but will!)!

Skill Goals: To develop the analytic skills necessary to work with
primary sources; to further develop writing skills
Assignments: Weekly short assignments (1-2 pp) intended to develop
reading and writing skills, two term exams and a final.