H591 | 2979 | Shopkow

6:00-8:00P     M     BH321

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H591: For history graduate students only, priority will be given to
advanced students

The overarching goal of the course is to prepare you for teaching your
own courses in world history. World history is a rising field, and
many colleges and universities have replaced their "western
civilization" courses with "world history" or "world civilization"
courses. Part of the goal of this course is to help you think about
how to design such courses and teach them so that students don't come
away feeling like they've been on a two-week world tour. Part of the
goal of the course is also to prepare you to team-teach your own
courses next fall. Therefore, we will

1) Explore the notion of "World History," to see how it is currently
taught and defined by others, and come to an understanding of how you
might teach and define it;

2) Examine the materials that are out there for teaching courses of
this kind (books, readers, texts)

3) Discuss general issues of course and syllabus design;

4) Design two course syllabi, one for each half of a world
civilization survey, complete with a selection of readings;

5) Discuss issues of team teaching (the most difficult kind of
teaching you can do, if you want to do it effectively).

In the spring, students who plan to teach courses in the Fall of 2002
will meet in teams and design their course syllabus for those courses.
These syllabi will be evaluated as part of the evaluation for H592
(the practicum accompanying this course).

The exercises we will engage in during the semester will be intimately
related to the above goals and reflected in the design of the course.
A disclaimer: abandon all belief in "coverage" when you come to class.
We can't do it all and won't do it all! While pedagogical issues will
be raised in this class, it will not substitute for "Teaching College
History" in this area. Students who have already participated in a
course with a teaching practicum ("Teaching American History"), should
not register for this course.