H765 | 2995 | Gould

7:00-9:00P     W     BH018

Topic:	Modern Latin American History
A portion of above section reserved for majors

This course purports to provide methodological background and counsel
that will aid students to research and write scholarly articles and/or
potential dissertation chapters.  Seven sessions will meet jointly
with H665.  The fundamental theme of the colloq/seminar is on the
impact of revolutions in 20th century Latin American history.
Readings and discussions will deal with not only the historiography of
the principal revolutions but moreover will tackle primary sources
that reveal their contemporary political and intellectual impact.  We
will evaluate the impact of the revolutionary imaginary on 20th
century intellectual work in Latin America, e.g. the ways in which the
belief in the possibility of revolutionary change (positively or
negatively evaluated) affected scholarly research and writing, in
addition to political discourse.

Please consult H665 description for further details on reading.
Toward the end of the semester we will meet separately to discuss
student research.