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7:00-9:30P     T     BH235

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This course focuses on the social history of Greece (mainly Athens) in
the Classical period (2nd half of the 5th century through the early
4th century - - the Age of Pericles, the Peloponnesian War, and the
era of Plato and Aristotle).  The main topics that we will consider
will be: the agricultural basis of the Greek city-state, the public
face of the state, religion, health care, making civic decisions in
the Assembly, the pursuit of justice and other agendas in the courts,
the role of women, slavery, and the centrality of elite men in Athens
as a class society.

For each seminar meeting, students will read extensively on the given
topic in preparation, using required assigned texts, other library
references, and Web sites where appropriate.  Each week two or three
students will present oral reports on specific readings.  Over the
course of the semester, there will also be four papers.  Three or four
texts, plus library and Web reading.

Students should be prepared to attend all seminar meetings; there will
be no excused granted for scheduling conflicts or overlaps with other
courses or labs.