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7:00-9:30P     W     BH235

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The ways in which a culture understands sickness and healing reflect
its wider conception of the world and of human society.  In this
course we will investigate Greek medical ideas of the Classical period
(the time of Hippocrates, whose life almost paralleled that of
Socrates, ca. 460-400 BCE), as these are expressed in medical writings
(the Hippocratic treatises) and in the literature of the period
(tragedy, comedy, history, and philosophy).

How is this course related to C380, History of Ancient Medicine?  C380
covers ancient medicine starting from Mesopotamia and Egypt, and
considering Greece, Hellenistic Alexandria, China and India, and
ending with the Romans.  This course focuses exclusively on Greek
medicine in the Classical Period.  There will be some overlap of the
Greek material of the Classical period in C380, but we will go into
greater depth in considering the Greek cultural context and in
exploring the ways in which medicine shaped - and was shaped by -
general Greek cultural norms and values.

Three or four required books, three papers, one oral report, active
participation in seminar discussions, and faithful attendance are the
basic requirements.