History And Philosophy Of Science | Earth's Body: The Environment in Context
X220 | 3009 | James Capshew

This course is an exploration of the wonderful world of trees-their
natural history as well as their relationship to human culture.  We
will begin with fundamental facts about the native species in our
bioregion.  You will learn to identify some common species, get a
basic understanding of plant physiology and photosynthesis, and learn
how trees fit into ecology.  Next the course will consider the social
and economic impact of forestry practices in different cultures,
ranging from the Druids in ancient Britain to modern America.  Special
attention will be paid to recent forest protection effots in the
United State.  Finally, we will consider the symbolic significance of
trees in various cultures.  The roots of "dendrphilia" will be
investigated by means of anthropolical and literary perspectives.
Field trips will be encouraged, guest presenters will present
different points of view about the politics of trees, and students
will be urged to reconsider their attitudes toward these ubiquitous
living things.