Living-learning Center | Theater and Community Cultures
L210 | 9502 | Terry Brino-Dean

Does theater seek to shape society and change lives?  Or does theater
merely reflect society?  This course will explore these questions by
studying a process called "community-based performance."  We will look
at the work of groups such as the Cornerstone Theater Company, Split
Britches, Moisés Kaufman's Tectonic Theater Project, the Grassmark
Project and individual performers such as Anna Deavere Smith and
Suzanne Lacy to see how they have utilized various forms of
community-based performance to create innovative and exciting
productions which actively engage local communities as participants.
The Laramie Project, the critically acclaimed project created by
Tectonic which seeks to reflect the experience of the Laramie, WY
community following the murder of Matthew Shepard, is a current
example.  After examining several examples, we will create our own
performance growing out of the "Collins community" as a way of
exploring the issues in this kind of theater.

This course is open to all undergraduate students.