Living-learning Center | Philosophies of Leadership
L215 | 3142 | Heather McDougall

What is a leader? What characteristics does a person have to have in
order to become one? What are the goals of a leader? How does a
leader interact with the members of his or her group? Philosophers
have explored these questions for hundreds of years. Some view
leadership as encompassing the virtues of wisdom and temperance---as
a responsibility to the community. Others believe leadership is
really about power and oppression. Through analyzing ancient, modern
and contemporary philosophical works, this course seeks to (1)
examine the merits, faults, and ramifications, both good and bad, of
each theory; (2) determine how these theories apply to modern day
business, political and community leaders; and most importantly (3)
challenge each student to examine his or her own personal views on
leadership.  Course material will be supplemented by communication
exercises and guest speakers.

This course meets AHTI distribution credit for COAS and is open to
all IU undergraduate students.