Labor Studies | Sweatshops: Human Rights/International Economies
L290 | 7039 | Steven Ashby

L290/390; Sections 7039/7043;1 credit; 5:45-8:25 PM Monday; BH340.
This class will meet from Nov. 5-Dec. 3.  A revitalized student
movement on 200 college campuses, including IU Bloomington, is
bringing the issue of sweatshops to the forefront of national debate.
How is it that the workers who made that $15 cap or t-shirt with a
university logo on it were only paid pennies for their labor, and may
be fired, beaten, or imprisoned if they try to organize into a union?
The course will discuss what a "sweatshop" is;  look at sweatshops in
the context of the changing global economy; analyze the factors behind
the growth of sweatshops in the US and globally; debate US government
and corporate policies; and examine the rise of the new anti-sweatshop
movement.  Instructor:  Steven Ashby, DLS, IUB