Labor Studies | History of Worker Education
L290 | 7040 | Jeff Vincent

L290/390; Sections 7040/7045; 1 credit; 5:45-8:25 PM Thursday; SB 138.
This class will meet from Oct. 18-Nov. 15.  With its origins dating
back at least 125 years, workers education was an important
underpinning of social reform in the U.S.  Education once was a common
thread uniting intellectuals, reformers and unions. The workers
education movement helped develop popular support for policies such as
wage and hour laws and restrictions on child labor. Today, academic
"neutrals" rarely consider workers as a constituency and unions widely
disregard intellectuals. What happened? Join us as we explore workers
education and trace its development to the present day.  Instructor:
Jeff Vincent, Division of Labor Studies, IUB