Psychology | Abnormal Psychology
P324 | 3504 | J. Bates

This course considers the nature and origins of psychological
disorders in adults and children.  It emphasizes social factors,
cognitive factors, neural factors, and developmental processes in
psychopathology.  In addition, the course considers methods for
advancing scientific knowledge. And it considers ways of treating and
preventing disorders.  The professor's own work focuses on
understanding the origins of common problems of children and
adolescents and developing effective treatments for those problems.
Requirements: Grading will be based on performance on tests primarily,
with some credit for contributions to an atmosphere of active
learning, such as useful questions and comments, posting interesting
and relevant material from the media, and participating in optional
discussion sessions. Availability of Instructor: Regular office hours
will be set and time will also be set aside for the students of this
class before and after lectures, and appointments will be made for
other times in the week.  The instructor's E-mail address is, and his phone number is 855-8693.