Religious Studies | Honors Pro-seminar: Religion and Violence in America
R201 | 3860 | Stein

This seminar will explore the complex relationship between religion
and violence in the American experience.  Attention will be directed
to the variety of ways in which religious violence has been and is
expressed, including physical assaults, verbal attacks, theological
argument, subtle prejudice, and rank ignorance.  Seminar members will
read select case studies of religious violence drawn from the full
chronological span of American history as well as essays employing
contemporary theoretical reflection about this issue.

Among the topics that will receive attention are historical studies of
anti-Catholicism and anti-Semitism, the role of religion in domestic
violence, the religious motivation of the anti-abortion movement,
religion and ecoterrorism, contemporary hate crimes, and the violent
dimension of the anticult movement.

Members of the seminar will be evaluated on participation in
discussions, a mid-term exam, submission of a research project related
to the theme of the seminar, and an oral presentation of the research
findings.  You must be authorized to register.  Please see the advisor
in SY230 for authorization.