Religious Studies | Paul and His Influence in Early Christianity
R325 | 3873 | Brakke

This course is an intensive study of the letters of Paul found in the
New Testament and of Paul's legacy in ancient Christianity.  After an
introduction to the literary and historical problems posed by our
sources, we will divide our study into three topics: (1) Paul's
theology, especially "righteousness by faith," as a form of Jewish
apocalyptic eschatology;  (2) issues surrounding embodiment and
gender, including women, eating practices, and sexuality, including
virginity and homoeroticism; (3) the adaptations of Paul's thought
found in the Deutero-Pauline epistles, Marcion, the Acts of Paul, and
Augustine.  Most likely there will be a midterm, a final, and a
moderate-length paper (8-10pp.).  Probable textbooks include The
HarperCollins Study Bible; E. P. Sanders, Paul; Dale Martin, The
Corinthian Body; and a course reader.