Religious Studies | Judaism and Christianity in Conflict
R345 | 3875 | Satlow

From the time of the twin births of Christianity and rabbinic Judaism
in the early years of this era, the two religions have been
inextricably linked.  The links have been both theological and
political.  Theologically, the two religions have responded to each
other for almost 1,000 years.  Politically, since the fourth century
Jews in the West have lived under Christian rule.  Over the centuries,
these ties have led to vast amount of dialogue between Jews and
Christians.  In this course, we survey the contents of this dialogue:
the theological issues at stake; the polemical, apologetic, and
conciliatory arguments produced; and how ordinary Jews and Christians,
during various time periods, have spoken to each other.  We will
conclude by examining how Judaism and Christianity continue to be in a
dialogue, and how this dialogue has been shaped by their tortuous