Religious Studies | Buddhism
R354 | 3879 | nattier

Historical survey of Buddhism from its origins in India throughout all
of Asia (including China, Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia,
Tibet and Mongolia), concluding with a brief look at the reception of
Buddhism in the 20th-century West.  We will explore aspects of
Buddhist practice (including meditation, morality, and various
rituals) as well as doctrine, and will consider the different ways in
which Buddhism has been approached by women and men, lay people and
monastics, in a variety of Buddhist cultures.  We will also devote
some attention to economic and political issues: what sort of
institutional setting does Buddhist practice require?  How have
governments over the centuries supported, or opposed, the spread of
Buddhism, and why?  What effects have the various cultural and
political changes in the late 20th century had on Buddhist communities
throughout the world?  We will also see a number of videos on the
current situation of Buddhism in various Asian countries.  No
prerequisite.  Meets with R552.