Religious Studies | Poetics of Biblical Narrative
R410 | 3883 | Marks

Close reading of the books of Genesis and Samuel, concentrating on the
relevance to one another of literary theory and biblical scholarship.
Our initial aim will be intimate acquaintance with the complexities of
the text, including the ideas behind it and the ideas it has inspired;
but we shall be concerned too with more general issues of authority
and originality, metaphor and enigma, interpretative license and the
status of the author- issues which biblical criticism raises in their
acutest form.  Secondary reading will include ancient Near Eastern
parallels, literary retellings, and classic works of biblical
interpretation, ancient and modern, religious and secular.

No special preparation or knowledge is required, but some background
in literary and/or biblical studies is recommended.

Requirements:  a short exegetical exercise, a class report, and a
final paper.