Religious Studies | Mystical Prayer and Western Spirituality
R430 | 3884 | Weaver

This course focuses on Western Christian mysticism as a way to
understand the broad concept of "spirituality."  We may come up with a
working definition of mysticism, but I am more interested in reading
some of the great classical texts that describe it.  We will begin by
reading an 18th century Russian work, The Way of the Pilgrim and will
then look at Julian or Norwich (14th century England), Bernard of
Clairvaux (12th century France), and the two great 16th century
Spanish mystics, John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila.

Requirements:  Attendance, mid-term and final exams + term paper.
There will also be a course READER. The idea here is to take a good
deal of time doing a careful reading of some very compelling and
remarkable descriptions of "mystical" experience.