Religious Studies | Christianity and India
R531 | 3893 | Brakke

This course will examine the relationship between Christianity and
India from several perspectives.  We will survey the varieties of
Christianity in India today and then turn to the two arrivals of
Christianity in India:  first, antiquity, including the legends
surrounding the mission of St. Thomas; second, the colonial period.
We will examine some Christian theology written in India, especially
Dalit theology, and efforts to integrate Christian and Indian
spiritualities.  Finally, we will consider Christian fantasies about
India: for example, recurring proposals that Jesus traveled to India
and Christian Orientalist construals of Indian religion.  Students
should come to this course with previous study of Christianity or of
India, but not necessarily of both.  Most likely a short paper (4-6
pp.), a test, and a research paper (10-15 pp.).  Probable readings
include the Thomas literature of early Christianity, Christopher
Pye-Smith's Rebels and Outcasts: A Journey through Christian India,
and selections of Dalit and other Indian theologians.