Religious Studies | Friendsip, Love, and Giving to Strangers
R672 | 3899 | Smith

This seminar will cover one set of moral issues related to the ethics
of philanthropy.  Specific issues to be covered include concepts of
love, justice and friendship; the idea of a gift  particularly gifts
to strangers; problems of paternalism.  A recurrent theme will be an
attempt to specify the appropriate role for religious concepts,
motives and institutions in 21st century philanthropy.  The general
topic is doing good.  Why do good?  To whom should I do good?  What
forms of behavior constitute doing good?  What is the relationship
between being good and doing good?  What happens when the pronouns
become plural  how can we do good?  To a group?

Readings will be chosen from theological, philosophical and
anthropological sources.

This is the Bloomington campus seminar on the ethics of philanthropy.