Public And Environmental Affairs | Introduction to Applied Ecology
E400 | 8704 | Meretsky

An introduction to ecology specifically for those without an
extensive science background. Nevertheless, this is a science course.
We will be studying the relationship between living things and their
environments. Our emphasis will be on aspects of ecology most useful
for students interested in natural resource science, management, and
policy. Thus, we will, for example, spend time understanding how
organisms adapt to heat and cold (useful for understanding the
impacts of global warming), but not on the evolution of odd but
interesting mating systems. The course will provide a solid
foundation for further study for further coursework and research and
will allow those of you heading into management and policy to read
relevant literature insightfully. In order to be ambitious about
breadth of coverage, we will make some sacrifices in depth, as is
usually the case in introductory courses. There will be a required
part-day field trip on a weekend in the spring, usually in April.
There will be at least two dates offered, of which you need attend
only one.