Public And Environmental Affairs | Field Techniques in Ecology
E555 | 8839 | Meretsky

P: Semester course in ecology.
Conservation biology has been described as the study of rarity and
diversity.  This course begins with an in-depth review of ecological
principles associated with rare species and with biodiversity.  We
briefly review the legal support for conservation biology, and
finally examine land and species management practices to determine
what factors beyond ecological theory affect conservation of rare
species and biodiversity in the real world.  Our aim is to understand
the scientific and political complexities in these two areas, and to
see some of the different methods that have been used to conserve
living resources and resolve conflicts associated with conservation.
The course includes lectures, a population modeling exercise,
discussions of literature, student presentations, limited field work,
and a one-day field trip.  A semester course in ecology is required
as a prerequisite, not as a corequisite.