Public And Environmental Affairs | Contemporary Issues in Public Affairs - Grant Writing
V450 | 8416 | Leslie Anne Leasure

The course will take students though all the steps in grant proposal
writing. We primarily will focus on grant seeking for not-for-profit
community-based organizations. In the first section, we will discuss
how to assess an agency or program for grantseeking readiness. This
will include: program mission, purpose, board support, administrative
capacity, existing budget, outcome systems and grant administration.
In the second session, we will discuss the preliminaries to proposal
writing such as researching best practices, assessing community
needs, building collaborative relationships with existing programs,
and securing community support. We will also briefly examine the
different types of funding streams available aside from grantmaking
agencies. In the third section, we will explore the various kinds of
grants and grantmakers (private/corporate, state/local, federal).
Following this, students will learn to use Internet and hard-copy
resources to locate likely funding sources. Students will learn to
match grantmakers' interests with a program's goals or mission.
Finally we will move on to the actual writing of a proposal
(abstract, program description, methodology, budgets/matching funds,
outcome measures, and administrative capacity). We will finish the
course with a discussion about grantwriting as a profession,
including finding employment opportunities, ethical considerations
and other resources available.

Course Requirements:
Students will be required to work with a local agency during the
course of the semester. This will be a type of "service learning"
component for students, and will also provide them with realistic
experience in the not-for-profit world. Students will be required to
attend at least one community-based meeting - for example, the
Housing Network, the CARES Board, Step Ahead - to get a sense of
community collaboration. Students will research a chosen issue (for
example - domestic violence, substance abuse, child care) in
preparation for grant writing. Students will write a full grant
proposal by the end of the course.