Speech & Hearing Sciences | American Sign Language Level Four
A300 | 4305-4306 | Mnich, W.

PREREQUISITE:  A200 or permission of instructor.

COURSE CONTENT:  Class is conducted in American Sign Language.  Deaf
culture is incorporated throughout the semester.  Class will take
place in various settings so that "real life" settings can be used to
increase cultural exposure and improve conversational skills.

LESSON PRESENTATION: Students will choose a particular activity for
entire class participation.  All appointments must be scheduled prior
to the deadline date listed on your schedule.  (Lesson #1 must be
scheduled before you leave class the first class.)  Your activity and
vocabulary list will be reviewed prior to your lesson presentation.
Once reviewed, a vocabulary list is to be distributed to the class
along with any special instructions.  Activity grade is based on
organization, prior preparation, sign production, contextual
accuracy, usage of nonmanual markers, fluency, and
comprehension.  "Activity" presentation should contain a minimal
amount of fingerspelling.  Two points will be deducted from
presentation grade for each day past the "appointment deadline date"
if it has not been reviewed. More details about presentations will be
discussed on the first day of class.

OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES:  Students will be required to participate in at
least four "outside of class time" activities.  All activities must
involve your interaction with DEAF people (using ASL) outside of the
classroom. For each "outside activity" you will need documentation
and all interactions must have been planned ahead of time.  This
means that if you just happen to run into a Deaf person at the Mall
and have a conversation, it will NOT count as an "outside activity."

VIDEO PRESENTATION:  The purpose of your video is three-fold:
1.    To document your experiences visually.
2.    To stimulate classmate interest in your "out of class"
3.    To demonstrate your sign proficiency.

GRADING: Grades will be based on the student's performance on
quizzes, exams, written work, class participation, and attendance. The
following weighting factors have been assigned to these various
Lesson presentation - 25%; Fingerspelling Quizzes - 20%; Quiz #1 -
15%; Quiz #2 - 15%; Final Video Presentation - 25%.

ATTENDANCE:  ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY!  This class only meets one day
a week; therefore, missing one class would be the equivalent of a
full week of classes.  If attendance is not regular, this will lower
the student's grade by one-third letter grade for each absence
over ONE class session.  You will also receive a zero for the
fingerspelling quiz that was given the day of your absence.  Lowest
fingerspelling quiz grade will be dropped.  No make-up quizzes will
be given.   Communicate reasons for absences with instructor as they
occur (preferably prior to the absence).  DO NOT wait until the end
of the semester.  This information will be taken into consideration
when determining student's final semester grade.   Punctuality is