Speech & Hearing Sciences | Historical/Philosophical Foundation
S311 | 4308-4309 | To be Announced

The two primary objectives of this course are to teach the student
to: (1) critically evaluate research articles published in journals
in the field of speech and hearing sciences; and (2) integrate the
information contained in several research articles on a specific
topic into a meaningful, concise summary and research proposal.  Two
major course requirements, each contributing 33% of the points
toward the course grade, are five written article critiques and a
major research paper.  The article critiques are actually a key part
of the process involved in creating the major paper.  To explain, for
the major paper you will be required to read at least 10 research
articles on a topic selected by the student and approved by the
instructor.  Five of these articles will form the basis of the
critiques turned in.  Essentially, completion of these five critiques
could comprise one half of the literature review
needed for the major paper which is due at the end of the semester.
In the major paper, you will be required to: (1) introduce the
problem/topic to be studied; (2) review and synthesize the research
literature (at least 10 articles) on this topic; (3) propose a
research plan for a project that would provide some new knowledge
about the topic, complete with a specification of the research
design, independent and dependent variables, and procedures or
methods to be used; and (4) include some hypothetical results or data
from your proposed study, including a description of basic
statistical analyses and their interpretation that would address the
questions raised in the paper.  The paper should be no more than
25 pages (double-spaced, 12-point font) in length and should follow
the format guidelines established by the American Psychological
Association (APA).  APA guidelines are used by most of the scholarly
journals in our field and will be reviewed during the semester.