THTR 340 Sec. 4511 M. McGibbon

Directing I

Sect. 4511 TR 9:00-10:45a McGibbon

Prerequisites-THTR 120; Recommended T225, T230, T335. A portion of this section reserved for majors.

Course Objectives: A. An examination of the historical evolution of the modern theatre director. B. An introduction to directing techniques, styles and methods. C. A basic approach to dramatic structure and staging through the self-study of Agnes of God and Master Harold . . . and the Boys. D. Application of methodology through the selection, rehearsal and presentation of a monologue, a scene and a ten- minute play. E. The observation of two productions leading to written and verbal comments on the choices made by the directors. F. To create an awareness of the role of the director through individual and group discussion, research and classroom exercises.

Texts: Prescribed:

The Empty Space. Peter Brook
Agnes of God. John Pielmeier
Master Harold . . . and the boys. Athol Fugard

Recommended: TAKE TEN: New 10 Minute Plays. Eric Lane Twenty-Five Ten Minute Plays from the Actor's Theatre of Louisville. Michael B. Dixon

One paper. One written exam.