Theatre & Drama | Advanced Movement for the Theatre
T510 | 4530 | Pinney

MWF 12:30-2:15pm
Aydelotte 195

The focus this semester will be on the study of period movement.  The
first half of the class period will be devoted to the development of
the physical instrument through the ballet barre.  Ballet technique
will be an integral means to build a foundation for period movement.
Manners, movements, and dances from the Restoration Period and the
Romantic Period will be especially emphasized.  In addition, stage
fencing and ballroom dancing will be taught in this section.

Examinations will be given under the following formats:

Practical examinations will be given periodically to test technical

1/3 term examination:  fencing scene, practical examination of ballet

2/3 term examination:  manners and dances of Restoration Period
including a short scene while performing the minuet

Final:  short scenes by Noel Coward will be performed while executing
different ballroom dances

Text:  Playing Period Styles, Lynn Oxenford.