B400 | 0402 | Kaestle

This seminar explores the growing literature on the ethical, legal and
social implications (ELSI) of research in human genetics. Topics include
race, genetic testing and counseling, cloning and in vitro fertilization,
the Human Genome Project, forensic genetics, eugenics, informed consent,
behavioral genetics, and the social power of the 'gene'. These issues will
be examined from both an anthropological and historical perspective.  A
basic understanding of genetics is assumed.  Discussion participation will
contribute 25% toward the final grade. An internet resources evaluation
assignment involving assessment of on-line resources for a particular ELSI
issue will contribute 25% of the final grade. A research paper (10-15
pages for undergraduates, 15-20 pages for graduate students) will
contribute 50% toward the final grade.  Prerequisite: A105, B200, or
equivalent coursework, or permission of the instructor.