Anthropology | HUMAN OSTEOLOGY
B526 | 0405 | Cook

This course covers the morphology of the human skeleton.  We will
discuss as comprehensively as possible surface features of the bones, soft
tissue relationships, functional anatomy, age and sex differences,
variability, and data collection techniques.  You will learn the
fundamental skill of the bone specialist in anthropology: identifying
fragments.  Each student will prepare a short research project.  This may
be an inventory and description of a small archeological sample, a study
of a single feature in a larger series, or a technical essay.  Your paper
should be prepared in the style of the AJPA, and is due on the Friday of
exam week by noon.  Be prepared to present your findings as 10 minute oral
presentation in our last class meeting.  Final grades are based on 5 bone
fragment quizzes (50%), weekly exercises (10%) and the research project
(40%).  You must identify 80% of the bone fragments on quizzes correctly
to earn an A.  You may use any materials you like in identifying quiz
specimens.  Quizzes and practice materials will be available afternoons in
SB 260 for the week before each due date.  You may choose either textbook,
Aiello and Dean, An Introduction to Human Evolutionary Anatomy, or White,
Human Osteology as your basic resource, and you will find both useful.   A
gross anatomy text or atlas will be helpful as well.  I will assign review
articles and technical papers from other sources as weekly reading.  These
readings will be available in SB260.