E463 | 0419 | Royce

This course will give you an understanding of dance, both western and
non-western, classical and popular, historic and contemporary; of how
dance shapes and is shaped by its contexts, performers, and audiences; of
how dance is learned and transmitted; and what values does dance bring for
both participants and spectators.

We will meet once a week to talk about readings, see videos and
performances, try new kinds of movement, and from time to time, listen to
guests with expertise and experience in a variety of dance styles and body
alignment.  Those in the class with experience in dance and movement are
encouraged to share it.

Course Requirements

Class participation
One page annotations of each of the required readings
Attendance at three events, chosen from performances, rehearsals, and
classes and a written evaluation of your experience (3-4 pages).
Final examination-essay (exam questions will be given out in class a week
before the final).