Anthropology | Ethnic and Religious Identities in Israel
E600 | 0424 | Goldberg

Israel is a society that grew largely on the basis of immigrant
populations of various backgrounds from Europe, the Middle East, and
elsewhere.  The immigrants brought with them different languages,
cultures, and political ideologies.  After the state was established,
there was some hope that this would result in a national amalgam, but the
immigrants interacted with the veteran population and its institutions,
and with one another, in a variety of ways that produced its current
multicultural texture.  The course will discuss the history of
immigration, the various policies of immigrant settlement, the way that
the social sciences conceptualized and studies immigration, and the
ongoing debates about culture and identity.  Special attention will be
paid to the interaction between identities defined by ethnicity and those
growing out of diverse religious experiences and ideologies, including how
emerging differences have made an impact upon and are contested within the
Israeli public sphere today