Criminal Justice-COAS | Police in the Community
P300 | 1534 | James L. Kennedy

This course will examine several policing philisophies and
operational/organizational models for the delivery of police service
to the various communities served by law enforcement in this
country.  Special attention will be focused on the community policing
approach to include the philosophy behind the concept, its
implementation, and its effectiveness.

Students should anticipate several written assignments of 3-5 pages
in length and a final examination in essay form.  Written expression
along with substantive content will be graded.

In addition, a project paper may be assigned as well.  It is
anticipated that this paper wil be 6-10 pages in length.  Class
preparation and participation will account for a significant portion
of the course grade.

Class meeting:  W, 5:45 - 8:15, SW 119

Instructor:  James L. Kennedy, criminal justice department