Criminal Justice-COAS | Foundations of Criminal Investigation
P320 | 1538 | Tammy Harty

This course will introduce students to forensic science and its
application to the investigative process.  Students will engage in
critical thinking regarding the criminal justice system as it relates
to evidence collection and investigatory techniques.  An overview of
the methods used to recognize, collect and preserve physical evidence
will be provided, as well as hands on exercises using the latest
technology in forensics.  Students will also receive information
regarding the different fields in forensic science and the assistance
these professionals are capable of providing in reconstructing a

Readings:  Osterburg, J.W. “Criminal Investigation” third edition,
Anderson Publishing Co.

Class meeting:  T, 4:00 - 6:30P, JH A100

Instructor:  Tammy Harty, Criminal Justice Department